Improv Everywhere’s A Christmas Story In Real Life: Behind the Scenes


Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere asked me I wanted to come shoot their final installment of Movies in Real Life.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance!  When I found out WHAT movie they were doing,  I was dancing at my computer screen.  A Christmas Story is for my generation the quintessential Christmas movie, a perfect blend of comedy, cultural touchstones and quotability.  Yet, I was racking my brain trying to think of what scene they were doing, particularly since the shoot took place on a Subway car.  I could come up with only one answer, and it was so gross I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it…who in their right might would put their tongue on a nasty Subway pole?   At the prep, the people from Deverge, had the problem licked! (HAH!)    I’ve been waiting for weeks to share this gallery, and of course the awesome video.

Go ahead, watch it, I Triple Dog Dare  you!