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Getting Green

A little girl carries a sign for the Veggie Pride Parade, May 16th 2010

I like going to Parades, it is a place where one can truly shoot candid photos of people without running into a lot of disagreement over public photography.  Many of the parades I wind up at are geared toward some political or social philosophy, most of which I agree with.  Today I was at the Veggie Pride Parade, a gathering of honest, compassionate souls dedicated to vegetarianism,  Veganism and Animal Rights.  I respect their beliefs and laud their commitment to their ideals, but I just don’t share most of them.

I am against animal cruelty, factory farming and most animal testing.  I would happily purchase free range/organic foods if I could afford them.   When I hear the rhetoric of groups like PETA and the Animal Liberation Front I tend to roll my eyes.   Pets are slaves, farm animals slaughter compared to genocide, I just want to scream “Perspective, jackass, get some”.  Humanity can barely keep from slaughtering one another, do you really think we’re going to start caring about a chicken?  The far left fringe animal rights movement only alienates the middle of the road pet lover and makes them leery of supporting legislation which might actually improve the lot of food animals.

After an hour of being told about the evils of meat, eggs and dairy by people wearing leather shoes, I stopped and had a double cheeseburger and a milkshake on the way home.  In return, if I am ever out in the wild and eaten by a bear, I promise, I won’t bare hold a grudge.

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