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Dead Horse Bay: Worst. Beach. Ever.

A view from the shore of Dead Horse Bay

Beautiful Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn!  Named for the effluvium poured into the Bay by rendering factories depositing the bones of endless horses!  Then, the City used landfill garbage of connect Barren Island to the rest of Brooklyn, and the cap broke spilled a centuries worth of trash onto the beach.   Then entire mile or so of beach is inundated with last centuries garbage the surf tinkles like ice cubes in a high ball glass.  I wanted to see it, and what I found pretty much made me sad.  Me, and that Italian guy dressed like and Indian I met on the beach.

All I could think as I threaded through the lethal maze of broken glass was “This what the world will look like when we are finally gone”.

(More of Dead Horse Bay at Flickr)

And THANK YOU Jeremiah of Vanishing New York for the link!


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